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Created in 2013 by Xavier Niel, a successful French serial entrepreneur, 42 has now become an international reference for students and companies. Since then, the best computer programming school in the world* has trained thousands of professionals, to help eliminate the shortage of digital talents while addressing economic and technological mutations, thanks to the quality of its unanimously recognized education.

Entirely free and open to all talents, regardless of diplomas, origin, gender and age, 42 is also an innovative social lab engaged in building the society of tomorrow, a community that we hope will be more inclusive, caring, and supportive. At the crossroads between digital, jobs, and diversity, 42 shares its innovative educational vision (peer learning), its know-how and its values (gratuity, accessibility, neutrality, etc.) to create a global innovation hub.

Without registration or tuition fees, the selection of students is solely based on talent and motivation.

* 2017 ranking of best coding schools made by the game computer programming platform CodinGame

Students happy to work together - campus of 42 in Paris (France)
Smiling portrait of Sophie Viger - CEO of 42
Smiling portrait of Sophie Viger - CEO of 42

"Social inclusion and equal chances: these are the two fundamental values that went into the creation of 42 in 2013 . Our ambition: let everyone express their talent and answer the needs of the digital economy with innovation and efficiency.

Programming, networks, and security β€” the shortage of qualified resources has been noted everywhere in the world; tens of millions of talents are actively needed. Our ambition has always been to train the best developers in the world, but today, we are taking it one step further with a greater visibility and recognition.

As we launch our international network of partners campuses, we are increasing our educational capacity. Our partner will apply our successful methods to create a real innovation ecosystem. β€” and that’s just the beginning!

Since the world is plural, multi-cultural, and diversified, 42 will contribute to the development of an open and ethical world, without discrimination or boundaries in terms of generation, culture or geography."


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