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Companies are changing and cannot find the right profiles or are looking for them abroad. By 2030, the number of available jobs in the digital ecosystem is estimated at 300 000 jobs. 235 000 jobs are expected to disappear with the digitalization by 2030, a loss largely offset by job creation estimated at 864 000. That’s why in 2018, after visiting 42 in Paris, John-Alexander Bogaerts and Ian Gallienne brought this concept to Brussels, with the original financing of a network of entrepreneurs. We have launched a movement to create jobs in Belgium and achieve digital transformation for those over 18 years of age. They benefit from an unprecedented mobilization of large Belgian companies and foundations which offer each coder very high-level opportunities. Our ambition is to create more than 120 jobs every year, support entrepreneurship via start-up creation and fundraising, and be recognized as the best coding platform and alternative to traditional study. Our location in the center of Brussels, Europe’s capital, gives us the opportunity to become national and be diverse. We plan on reaching the number of participants to 750 by 2023. Being part of the 42 network offers to our participants a worldwide reputation. It gives us access to a large number of contacts around the globe, as well as a wide choice of opportunities to work and travel abroad. The common core of the program allows the participants to connect with other campuses and to work on projects together.

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Address :
Cantersteen 12
1000 Brussels

Website : campus19.be/

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Campus life

  • Open 24/7
  • 250 workstations
  • Financed by a network of 9 sponsors
  • Part of Europe's largest digital training campus, BeCentral
  • Embedded into the digital ecosystem with start-ups, scale-ups, tech schools, NGO’s and all solutions for tech entrepreneurs
  • In the center of the capital of Europe
  • Less than 1 hour away for 85% of the Belgian population

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