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Coding in Jordan

About 42 Amman

To contribute with like-minded partners in shaping a world where, through digital inclusion, local communities and refugees work together to create sustainable economic development in host countries.

42 Amman Specific Objectives:

  • • To deliver high-level training in coding skills to 1300 refugees and disadvantage underprivileged Jordanian youth over five years
  • • To provide a free educational, highly innovative project-based learning using gamification methodology, to refugees and Jordanian vulnerable populations.
  • • To assure employability of the students and early placement in the fast-growing digital economy in Jordan and worldwide
  • • To achieve gender balance in the student population by actively encouraging girls and, where necessary, their families to engage in the selection process and training activities
  • • To propagate the learning methodologies and concept of the School42 method as a robust tool to boost self-reliance and leverage skills within refugees and underprivileged communities.
  • • To facilitate beneficiary’s direct employment as web developers with English speaking remote freelance platforms, local startups and companies.
  • • To encourage donors to invest in refugee’s self-reliance through digital inclusion.
  • • To economically empower youth and women by boosting their participation as primary targets.
  • • To build a community of startups and investment funds in Europe committed to digital inclusion and diversity that engage in hiring graduates as interns or, ideally, as employees either remotely or locally.
  • To be part of an international community through +35 campuses in the world labeled 42. Opening: feb 2022

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    Address :
    Amman Business Park

    Website :

    Campus life

    • Open 24/7, 365 days a year
    • High speed Internet
    • Over 300 workstations
    • Access to rest rooms
    • A custom hackathon space with Enterprise sponsors
    • Access to a music and artistic area
    • Access to prayer rooms

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