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Angola possesses significant untapped IT talent, yet lags in digitalization, heavily relying on external teams for local IT solutions. Recognizing this gap, the Angolan Government identified 42 Luanda as an opportunity to utilize digitalization and demographics to nurture local talent for addressing challenges across sectors through coding and innovation. Establishing an IT school with a market-aligned curriculum, open to all and promoting collaborative lifelong learning practices, enables us to attract a broad spectrum of talent essential for sustaining innovation in markets. In the digital economy of Angola, 42 Luanda strives to be a Center for Excellence, enhancing the technical and behavioral skills of IT professionals for both private and public institutions. It aspires to be the cornerstone of the emerging tech-based innovation ecosystem, acting as a local hub for businesses, academia, and government, connected to an expanding international network of schools and alumni. As a member of the 42 network, 42 Luanda eagerly anticipates leveraging the network's expertise and integrating into a global talent pool and ecosystem. We aim for this collaboration to benefit our students, partners, and the overall market. We hope our experience contributes to the 42 Network and attracts increased investment from prominent tech entities in the African continent.

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Address :
Edifício dos Laboratórios Profissionalizantes, Piso 2
Luanda - 0 -

Website : www.42luanda.com

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Campus Life

  • Open 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Located inside a financial and business innovation center - Triângulo de Belas
  • Campus located inside ISPTEC - a Higher Education System
  • Recreational facilities (Gym, Library, Green Areas, Shopping Mall nearby)
  • No prior programming knowledge required
  • Tuition Free

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