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About Hive

Hive is a new kind of coding school in Helsinki, based on the revolutionary education model of the French school Ecole 42. Our goal is to deliver a scalable and efficient form of education, which enables people from all walks of life to learn future-proof skills and work together to build the products and services required by our rapidly changing world. Coding is a new form of literacy and it is shaping our future. We owe it to our youth to offer new learning alternatives and paths that can give them the tools to solve the problems of tomorrow. We also believe that education must evolve and be inclusive as well as accessible. At Hive, we welcome everyone, regardless of their background, economic status, previous education, or experience level. We only ask that you are open-minded, motivated, determined and willing to learn. Hive is the first school of its kind in the Nordics. Our two-part, higher-education level program will focus on coding, while developing critical thinking, problem-solving, innovation, collaboration, creativity and entrepreneurship. Most importantly, students will learn how to learn – the ultimate future-proof skill! The word “Hive” literally means “a place in which people are busily occupied”. To us, Hive means the beginning of a community, a movement that is bigger than a school. We want to be a place where young people of all walks of life come together to collaborate, create great things and have an impact.

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Address :
Haapaniemenkatu 5
00530 Helsinki

Website : www.hive.fi

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Campus life

  • Hive Helsinki campus is located in the Upper Centre of the City in the thriving industrial Kallio District
  • Our campus is accessible any time of the day throughout the year. Work when you feel productive, and when it suits your personal schedule
  • Besides our learning environment, Hive’s lounge, game room, kitchen, exercise area, library and showers are at your disposal 24/7
  • Hive Helsinki has active partnerships with the Finnish industry leaders
  • Finland was ranked the happiest country in the world 4th year in a row
  • Helsinki is a digital city and a pioneer in open data, and has an extremely vibrant startup scene
  • Hive Helsinki has a diverse and warm community

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