42 Network

Our mission

A worldwide innovative hub

The goal of 42 is to create the largest international network of innovative free IT schools that are accessible to all.

After the creation of 42 in Paris and structured around a common charter of practices and values, all partner campuses of 42 will use the same selection process, as well as a common core and fundamental knowledge, to train worthy digital talents. Creating a common reference point to standardize key talents among all students will be the guarantee, whatever the campus, on the level and quality of what students acquire. After that, advanced students can move on to work on more ambitious projects in phase with the environment, culture, ecosystem particular to each campus.

4 students happy to work together on an iMac - campus of 1337 (Morocco)2 women talking while walking in the lighted corridors of Codam's campus (The Netherlands)Workroom with students and iMacs - 42 Lisboa (Portugal)Workroom with students working on iMacs in the campus of 42 Seoul (South Korea)Smiling students in the campus of 42 in QuébecStudents working in the campus of 42 in Urdulizarchitectural 3d view of the campus of 42 in MalagaTwo students working in the campus of 42 in NiceBlack and white workroom with iMacs - campus 19 in Brussels (Belgium)Two students working in the campus of 42 in Heilbronn

A wide open strategy

In a worldwide digital environment, almost boundless, acquiring an international experience has become a must. 42 encourages the mobility of its students which, who, once they have mastered the fundamentals, can go to any other campus in the network while receiving the same educational environment. This wide-open international strategy can also be felt in the setup of cross-campus projects that gives students a taste of real professional experience (collaboration with partners from various work cultures and time zones).

42 continues to pursue its founding vision: make digital an opportunity for all, everywhere.
Open to the world, we have partnerships around the Globe. The school has taken a major step with the creation of an international network: the first one of excellence in computer education, free and accessible to all.

"Any school should be a place of inclusion. 42 was designed with a strong will of openness, so anyone is welcome with all his differences"


Our values



Free in their training and organization, students have access to the school 24/7, throughout the year.

Free of charge

There are no tuition fees which facilitates access to our program for economically disadvantaged groups.


Promoting the inclusion of minorities and facilitating mixing and interaction between cultures.


No action or discrimination, positive or negative, can be taken based on religious criteria.

Educational innovation

Via peer-learning, breaking away from academic standards and offering an alternative educational process that is in tune with student needs.

Connection to the Ecosystem

Interacting and cooperating with companies, startups and schools, to promote open-mindedness and ease student integration into the job market.

Honesty and transparency

Professional, the staff is flawless and lives up to the trust placed in them; they say what they will do, and do what they have planned.


Registration is without any restriction or academic prerequisite; the only limitation is that applicants must be the local minimum age required to access college-level education. For the greater majority of students, this means having access to education independently of their personal situation (transportation, handicap, etc.).

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