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42 is home to the best IT campuses in the world. We share the same values and goals: a curriculum which is free-of-charge, the promotion of diversity, using peer-learning and an enrollment without any prior requirements. Our first campus in Paris opened in 2013. Since then, we have been expanding our network in other cities across the globe thanks to great partnerships. Each campus is established with firm links to the local communities of its city and aims to deliver students the '42 pedagogy' wherever they are in the world.

United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi

Flag of the United Arab Emirates
Logo 42 Abu Dhabi

42 Abu Dhabi

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Belgium, Antwerp

Flag of Belgium
Logo 19 (Antwerp)

19 (Antwerp)

Brazil, Belo Horizonte

Flag of Brazil
Logo 42 Belo Horizonte

42 Belo Horizonte

Czech Republic, Prague

Flag of Czech Republic
Logo 42 Prague

42 Prague

France, Angoulême

Flag of France
Logo 42 Angoulême

42 Angoulême

France, Perpignan

Flag of France
Logo 42 Perpignan

42 Perpignan

Germany, Berlin

Flag of Germany
Logo 42 Berlin

42 Berlin

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Logo 42 Luxembourg

42 Luxembourg

Morocco, Tétouan

Flag of Morocco
Logo 1337 Med

1337 Med

Portugal, Porto

Flag of Portugal
Logo 42 Porto

42 Porto

United Kingdom, London

Logo 42 London

42 London

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