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Innovative education

An innovation and collaborative education

The innovative education offered by 42 relies on peer-learning. With participatory training and without teachers or classes, students oversee their own success and the success of their coworkers in a 100% hands-on project environment. To make progress, they must count on the strength of the group, give and receive information, and successfully alternate between helping others and being helped. This learning model relies on collective intelligence, as in the professional world, and helps develop talents, not by reproducing or memorizing the model of a reference teacher, but by searching, experimenting, and defending their ideas.

Upon entrance in 42, don't wait for wisdom to trickle down from those who are in the know. You must be ready to seek knowledge by yourself and to meet with others to understand it before implementing and sharing its function with others.

Each campus of the network will provide students with the best computer resources to work in the best conditions, regardless of what other personal means they may have outside of the school.

Happy students on the floor of their campus of 42 in Urduliz
Group of happy students raising their arms or thumbsYoung student working with an older student on an iMac - campus of 42 Lyon (France)4 women talking and laughing together - campus of 42 Madrid (Spain)42 Tokyo's corridor with plants on the sides and giant screens with animated animals on them (Japan)3 students (2 men and 1 woman) working together on an iMac - 42 Roma campus (Italy)Break room in the campus of 42 in NiceStairview of the 42 Campus in Heilbronn

Open 24 / 7

A friendly environment is provided, with pleasant and functional collaborative spaces and the most modern computer equipment.

Partner campuses

A unique selection process


« La piscine », <br />an immersive experience

Registration is done online with first selection tests to evaluate the cognitive capacities of candidates: logic, psycho-technical and memory games.

Introduction meeting

« La piscine », <br />an immersive experience

A large information session to validate the participation of the candidates in "La Piscine".

« La piscine »,
an immersive experience

« La piscine », <br />an immersive experience

"La Piscine": the results of this immersive test will determine the final acceptance of the applicants. It consists of a four-week immersion aimed at testing the aptitude of students in computer programming and their motivation. It enables them to discover the school, its unique learning process and, most of all, discover what programming really is.

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