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1337 Ben Guérir Campus is contributing to African development though an approach that encourages economic and social entrepreneurship in many areas, including, digital technology. Established in 2019 with almost 195 students and a capacity to hold 900 students, our aspiration is to ensure the students get the proper skills, tools, advices and network to reach their objectives and create their own products/companies. At 1337, we are always focused on creating a student opportunities and what’s important to us, is finding how we can enrich their passage within our school by offering them all the additional support to their curriculum in terms of soft skills . It is for this reason that the choice of the Ben Guérir campus was to set up within the Mohamed VI Polytechnic University, which itself is part of a larger ambition; a city of knowledge and development. Students have access to all the facilities of the university campus and benefit from training / workshops of excellence in various areas other than coding to broaden their horizons of skills We’re looking to build the future of Africa, together. Knowing we’re in a digital world and that knowing how to learn, knowing yourself, is key to the workforce and economy of tomorrow. Digital are key to change the world we live in and to have a positive impact locally, nationally, and globally. Being a part of a 42 Network become a style of work, which allows us to associate all kinds of skills, players and stakeholders, to develop programs, training, opportunities and paths to train the new talents of tomorrow

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Address :
Lot 660, Hay Moulay Rachid
43150 Ben Guérir

Website : 1337.ma/fr/

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Campus life

  • School is open 24/7
  • A friendly environment provided with pleasant and functional collaborative spaces (chill space, meeting rooms)
  • Restaurant
  • Agora: conference space
  • Coworking spaces
  • Music Room
  • Access to university sportive infrastructures

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