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About 1337

1337 is more than just a disruptive educational model and coding school. With it’s too campuses in Morocco, 1337 School is an innovating social lab engaged in building the society of tomorrow, a society we hope more inclusive, caring, and supportive. At the crossroads between digital, jobs and diversity, 1337 shares its innovating educational vision (peer-to-peer learning) that allows students to express their creativity by learning through working on projects, its know-how and its values (gratuity, accessibility, equal opportunities, etc.) to offer a perspective of development and create tomorrow’s jobs for Moroccan and African youth. 1337 is Morocco’s flagships IT training school, established in 2018. Entirely free, open to all talents, regardless of qualifications, origins, gender and age. With almost 375 students in Khouribga Campus and a capacity to hold 900 students, 1337 school aims to answer the shortage of the digital talents while addressing economic and technological mutation. Based in a “Mall Central”, which aims to be the regional catalyst for tomorrow’s technological job which bringing together incubators, FabLab, training centers, companies and many others, 1337 school is today a real innovation hub in Africa contributing to establish Morocco as a regional information technology hub by undertaking the construction of its startup ecosystem, as 1337 Labs (incubators, coworking spaces, FabLab). 1337 school is also part of an international network that brings campuses from around the world under the banners of 42 that offers school, students and the network a reputation and an opportunity to the students to extend their skills through intercultural enrichment and international collaborative work

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Address :
Mail central, Bâtiment B
25000 Khouribga

Website : 1337.ma/fr/

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Campus life

  • Open 24/7
  • A friendly environment provided with pleasant and functional collaborative spaces (chill space, meeting rooms)
  • Restaurant
  • 1337 Labs: Co-Working Space for startup, Fab Lab, Kids Coders
  • Music Room
  • Access to sportive infrastructures
  • Night free shuttle

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