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An hour drive away from Tangier and very close to Cabo Negro, 1337 MED was inaugurated in 2022 and is the latest 1337 campus to be born. Located in Tetouan Shore, it sits at the heart of unique ecosystem where both companies and training centres coexist. 1337 MED seeks to contribute to African development through an approach that encourages economic and social entrepreneurship in many areas, including, digital technology. Its aspiration is to ensure that students get the proper skills, tools, advices and network to reach their career objectives and create their own products/companies. 1337 strives to create unique opportunities for students, and find ways in which they can make their experience within the school worthwhile, notably by providing them with all the additional support they need to develop their soft skills on top of the curriculum. At 1337 MED, students have access to State-of-the-Art facilities and benefit from training/workshops of excellence in various areas other than coding to broaden their skillset. In a fast-changing digital world, knowing how to learn and knowing yourself, are key to succeed in today's and tomorrow's world. Being a part of a 42 Network has enabled 1337 to associate all kinds of skills, players and stakeholders, to develop programs, training, opportunities, paving the way to train the talents of tomorrow and build the future of Africa!

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Address :
Parc TetouanShore commune de Martil
Tetouan 93150

Website : 1337.ma/en/


  • Open 24/7
  • 210 workstations with iMacs
  • 3 playgrounds
  • 4 Meeting Rooms
  • 1h drive away from Tangier
  • Located at the heart of Tétouan Shore

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