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About 19 Campus Antwerp

Campus 19 opened a second campus in Antwerp in October 2022. After 4 successful years in Brussels, Ian Gallienne, John Bogaerts and Stephan Salberter -supported by a host of sponsors- have joined forces again. Thanks to this consortium of companies providing sponsorship, internships and jobs, the school can help to counter the gap in IT profiles. Through Campus 19, job seekers can retrain to a job profile that is in high demand by companies. On the other hand, through an alternative method, the school wants to offer people quality training. In times of digitization, when a life without computers, smartphones and apps is unthinkable, the demand for technological talent has never been higher. Without measures, as many as 584,000 vacancies will go unfilled in Belgium by 2030, one in five of them in IT. In addition, Antwerp currently already has high unemployment rates. Youth unemployment, at 21.2%, is double the Flemish average. Furthermore, the city also has the highest number of unqualified school leavers and a large number of NEET (not in education, employment or training) youth. By establishing a second campus in Antwerp, 19 wants to try to contribute to reducing youth unemployment, the number of unqualified school leavers and NEET youth. In addition, it also wants to reach other vulnerable groups by offering a technical training that pays attention to social inclusion.

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Address :
Mediaplein 1
2018 Antwerp

Website : campus19.be/nl/homepage-nl/

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Campus Life

  • Open 24/7
  • 150 work stations with the capacity to host up to 450 students
  • Financed by a Network of 15 sponsors
  • Easily accessible: located at the heart of Antwerp, next to the beautiful train station
  • Embedded in the DPG media building
  • Game room, chill room, coffee corner

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