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About 42 Angoulême

Located in Angoulême, a 35 minutes train ride from Bordeaux, 42 Angoulême resonates in the whole of the French South-Western region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine ("New-Aquitaine"). The project was supported from the beginning by both local authorities (at different levels) and economic actors, bound together by the department of Charente's council. Bringing 42 to Angoulême is part of the local authorities' much wider plan to broaden the scope of available studies in their region, as well as to meet the area's needs in terms of IT and digital skills. Instrumental to this opening was the Pôle Image Magelis. Local authorities notably finance 42 Angoulême through it, and it managed to initially gather 18 partner companies, some of which became donators. Magelis also took it upon itself to fully renovate the 1200m² building which 42 Angoulême now occupies.

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Address :
49-51 boulevard Besson-Bey
16000 Angoulême

Website : 42angouleme.fr/

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  • Open 24/7
  • 3 minute walk from the train station
  • 3 training floors
  • 150 work stations
  • 2 meeting rooms and 1 lecture theatre
  • 2 lounge rooms and 1 cafeteria
  • 1 student associations room

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