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About 42 Antananarivo

Located in the heart of the Galaxy business park in Andraharo, the 42 Antananarivo campus is a place to live, study, experiment, emulate and discover art. This new 1000 m2 learning space, conducive to personal and academic fulfillment, has been refurbished specifically for future students, so that they can find the resources, support and opportunities they need to develop their full potential. What's more, the free school offers a tangible opportunity for individuals in precarious situations to access quality education. The project was supported by the pan-African AXIAN Group, which operates in 10 countries and specializes in 5 business sectors with high growth potential: telecoms, financial services, energy, real estate and open innovation. AXIAN acts as a partner in the socio-economic transformation of the countries in which it operates. With its 7,000 bold and passionate employees, it systematically ensures the lasting and positive impact of its activities on the daily lives of millions of Africans. The establishment of 42 in Madagascar promises an educational revolution, training a local technological elite. This will stimulate the economy by creating jobs in the digital sector, promoting social inclusion. By investing in the potential of Madagascar's young people, properly trained, the country will be able to develop its economy.

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Address :
42 Campus Antananarivo
Building Titan VI Zone Galaxy
Andraharo 101 Antananarivo

Website : 42antananarivo.mg/

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Campus Life

  • Open 24/7 during Piscines, open from 6am to 8pm 7 days a week during the curriculum
  • 175 workstations
  • Located in a business district
  • Access to a game room, lounge and dining area with fully equipped kitchen
  • 100% free

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