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42 Berlin burst into life in June 2022 and, within just a few months, over hundreds of Pisciners walked through the brand-new campus doors. Based in one of Europe’s major tech and start-up hubs, 42 Berlin caters to the need for an innovative and accessible method of learning for software engineers. In the cultural melting pot of Berlin, the campus places huge emphasis on inspiring tech for good to help diversity and inclusivity flourish. In November 2022, 42 Berlin welcomed in the first official cohort of 150 students. As the campus develops, it’s predicted to host over 600 students within the walls of its #LearningSpaceShip. Our partner companies are fundamental in this mission and we are hugely grateful. 42 Berlin follows the tenets of the 42 Network and is honoured to be a member of 42, where students have autonomy and ownership over their studies. We expect our students to stand by such values and help us in creating a community of like-minded individuals that come together and support one another in shared success, freedom of expression, and inspired action for #NextGenerationEducation.

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Address :
HarzerStraße, 42

Website : 42berlin.de/

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  • Open 24/7
  • Located at the centre of Neukölln, Berlin
  • Child-friendly, dog-friendly
  • Continuous campus updates, the lastest in date being an AI Bear greeting you in the lobby
  • Functioning FabLab, hosting weekly sessions for both students and independents
  • Music & podcast room, yoga/meditation space, nap/prayer room, library, kitchen, outdoor terrace with dancefloor
  • Beautiful views of Berlin

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