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42 Firenze is 42 Network’s second programming school in Italy, after Rome. The Florence facility is located inside the Fondazione CR Firenze’s Innovation Center, a historic grain store that has been converted into a modern hub for the promotion of digital culture. The building, purchased and renovated by Fondazione CR Firenze – a philanthropic institute whose mission is the promotion of development and prosperity in the three Italian provinces of Florence, Arezzo and Grosseto in Tuscany – hosts important enterprises with shared values and goals, such as for example Nana Bianca, one of Europe’s leading startup studios, and over 60 digital startups and 400 co-workers. 42 Firenze brings new opportunities to the Innovation Center for training in the new digital professions that are able to grow thanks to acceleration programmes for setting up startups or landing jobs in digital businesses that are already operational. The shared goal is to generate an ecosystem of innovation capable of sustaining development in a region currently seeking its place in a global world through e-commerce and new digital platforms. Being part of Firenze 42 means believing in this dream, it means working in a team to tackle the challenges arising, it means offering one’s skills to the region by serving a system that needs creativity and new horizons. The young people in Firenze 42 are part of a broader project designed to foster innovation in a 360-degree radius ranging from training to growth in the marketplace.

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Address :
Via del Tiratoio 1
50124 Florence

Website : 42firenze.it/

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Campus Life

  • Open 24/7
  • Located in the Fondazione CR Firenze Innovation Center
  • 100% Free
  • Rent contribution for students coming from outside Florence
  • 150 work stations
  • Common areas

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