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Germany is in need of highly skilled and practically trained AI and software engineering talents to stay internationally relevant for its innovative and digital capability. Approximately 700K additional tech specialists are needed in Germany by 2023. Traditional tech education in Germany is often unable to use the most up to date tech knowledge, and does not always train the skills that are most in demand: practical coding skills, autonomous problem solving skills and social skills. Thanks to the support of the visionary Dieter Schwarz Foundation, 42 will be opening a location in Heilbronn, Baden-Wuerttemberg. We believe that 42 is the answer to the changing educational needs: a revolution of education – based in the south of Germany. The Dieter Schwarz Foundation, of the founder of the Schwarz group with the supermarket chains Lidl and Kaufland, supports 42Heilbronn next to several other institutions from dual studies to university studies up to various research and start-up initiatives. 42 Heilbronn will welcome over 600 students in a refurbished historical machine factory, and will open doors in Q1 2021. The building is located very close to the Bildungscampus where the 42-Heilbronn students can use the same facilities as all other students in Heilbronn. Heilbronn is a town near Stuttgart, in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, the state with highest investment in (digital) research, and dense economic activity. It is named Germany’s nr. 5 most dynamic city, with steep economical growth over the past years. The region is in need of over 1,500 additional tech specialists per year

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Address :
Weipertstraße 8-10
74076 Heilbronn

Website : www.42heilbronn.de

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Campus life

  • Open 24/7. 365 days a year
  • 176 workstations in 2021, up to 600 workstations in 2022
  • Access to Mensa and Library at Bildungscampus
  • Access to Showers and Chillout Areas

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