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About 42 Kocaeli

42 Kocaeli are transforming Turkey’s developer potential into international competitiveness. 42 Kocaeli is a new generation free coding school having a capacity of 350 stations. We are aiming to provide top-class education that will fill the gap of qualified software developers in the digital transformation of manufacturing, finance and communication sectors and technology development at mobility, AI and 5G. Thousands of developers that will create and shape the future of advanced technologies will be trained in 42 Kocaeli. The school’s practical approach based on peer-to-peer collaboration guarantees both excellent technical training and the development of valuable soft skills, such as the ability to work in teams, problem-solving, adaptation, determination, and resilience. Anyone aged 18 and over who wants to be a software developer, will gain real business world skills while training coding and programming. Learning at 42 is entirely free of charge, and it doesn’t require any academic degree or coding experience. 42 Kocaeli is one of the schools of Turkey Open Source Platform which targets to accelerate software development in Turkey. Being a developer in this project-based peer-to-peer learning model is up to you.  Everything is ready, how about you?

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Address :
Muallimköy Mahallesi
Deniz Cd. No:143-5
41400 Gebze Kocaeli

Website : www.42kocaeli.com.tr/tr/

Campus life

  • Located in the Bilişim Vadisi Technopark
  • Neighbor to tech companies
  • Free shuttle bus
  • 350 workstations
  • 100% free
  • Social areas
  • Eating and drinking area
  • Next to the cafe and dining hall

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