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42 Le Havre

Located in the French North-Western region of Normandy, a two-hour drive away from Paris, 42 Le Havre is the first coding school of its kind in that area of France. It was born out of the city of Le Havre’s ambition to diversify and expand on what it can offer in terms of education. To do so, Edouard Philippe, the current mayor of the city and former Prime Minister of France, launched the Campus Le Havre project, which seeks to attract specialized schools in different fields of expertise. In that process, the city of Le Havre also clearly stated its ambition to build 42 Le Havre jointly with local companies, in order to make sure that the training students will receive there matches the needs of the local job market, and therefore making sure that students have job opportunities lined up when they come out. 42 Le Havre’s ambitions are not only to meet the needs of the market locally, but also to attract talent to Normandy, as discovering Le Havre undoubtedly leads to settling there for good shortly after. 42 Le Havre also proudly endorses the 42’s core values: tuition free, diversity, equality and excellency.

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Address :
Cité Numérique
20 Quai Frissard
76600 Le Havre

Website : www.42lehavre.fr/

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Campus Life

  • Open 24/7
  • 614 m² state-of-the-art campus
  • 5 minute walk from the sea
  • 3 minute walk from the train station
  • At the heart of the city
  • Panoramic view on the city from the campus’ terrace
  • Inside the Campus d'écoles supérieures
  • +160 last-gen computers for students to work in the best possible conditions

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