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Six years after its creation in Paris, 42 arrived in Madrid sponsored by Fundación Telefónica to revolutionize the world of education. A 5,000 m2 campus located in the heart of Distrito Telefónica where digital and transversal competences converge. A place to learn, create, share and inspire as parts of its DNA. We are strongly convinced that 21st century’s employability requires a new learning model due to the unstoppable digital revolution. Fundación Telefónica is committed to education through technology as one of the best ways to promote progress and social cohesion. What has pushed us to open the first 42 campus in Spain is that we believe in an education that encompasses all phases of learning throughout life, age regardless. Lifelong learning has arrived to stay, and we believe no one can be left behind. 42 is the answer. Methodology proposed by 42, based on gamification and peer-to-peer learning, develops the most rational part of the brain, but also stimulates many of the transversal competences that the labor market is demanding such as communication skills, teamwork or frustration tolerance. In this sense, 42 Madrid also wants to promote creativity and emotional intelligence to connect with the most creative half of the brain. To achieve this, facilities has been specially designed to promote meeting spaces for reflection, debate, culture or even digital disconnection. General good reception of 42 Madrid has prompted Fundación Telefónica to take on the challenge of expanding the 42 Network throughout the country. Actually, the innovative and disruptive pedagogical model that is reaping success worldwide will make Spain one of the countries with most 42 campuses in the world over the next years.

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Address :
Distrito Telefónica - Edificio Norte 3
Ronda de la Comunicación, s/n
28050 Madrid

Website : www.42madrid.com/

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Campus life

  • Located at Distrito Telefónica, headquarter of the #1 telecom company in Spain
  • Open 24/7, 365 days a year
  • 300 workstations
  • Over 5000 square meters
  • Auditorium
  • Cafeteria, relaxing areas and showers
  • Meditation room
  • Telefónica’s facilities such as health center, gym, restaurants, shopping center, pharmacy…

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