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The development of 42 Mulhouse Grand Est meets, first and foremost, the need to massively educate digital talents in a region located in the heart of Europe, where 500 IT technicians are missing every year. It also offers the opportunity to young people who have not found their way in the classic educative system to join a very innovative training program that enhances their soft skills, creativity and team spirit. Hosted by KMØ (Kilometre Zero), the Alsatian digital hub dedicated to the industry of the future close to Germany and Switzerland, 42 Mulhouse is joining an inspiring ecosystem that includes other training programs (CNAM, Epitech, Ligne numérique…), compagnies and startups. A stimulating tri-national environment to focus on the challenges of the digital transition. KMØ is located near the city center and the high-speed train station of Mulhouse, in the Fonderie district with the campus of the University of Haute-Alsace (UHA) and the Maison de l’Industrie (UIMM). 42 Mulhouse settles on the ground floor of a 11,000 sqm building and benefits from an autonomous access while enjoying the infrastrutures shared with the other « residents » (amphitheatre, animation space, restaurant).

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Address :
30 rue François Spoerry
68100 Mulhouse

Website : www.42mulhouse.fr/

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Campus life

  • Open 24/7
  • located next to the train station, University campus (UHA) and city center
  • 160 computers
  • An auditorium
  • Modular spaces to accomodate large events
  • a restaurant

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