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About 42 Paris

The Paris Campus - 42’s historical campus - opened in 2013. In order to let every student flourish within school, it was necessary to innovate and offer the facilities the best possible environment to learn IT. Since then, 42 has always been committed to offering the best IT training to the most people with a growing number of work methods. Other 42 Network’s campuses that are founded with partners are following what the team did with the Paris Campus. Everything is ready and at your disposal at 42. You don’t need to bring your own hardware. The building is designed so students can work in the best possible environment. Our pedagogical model is based on mutual aid, so the space is rather opened, allowing students to easily keep in touch with the other members of the community. More than a school or a training, 42 is a community. Being admitted at 42 means making real friends. Through various events, either pedagogical, festive or professional, the bonds you will tie with others on a daily basis make training at 42 a unique experience. You’ll start your day on a computer, find a solution while playing Ping-Pong and make a new friend during a networking party. This is everyday life for our community of students!

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Address :
96, boulevard Bessières
75017 PARIS

Website : www.42.fr/

Campus life

  • Open 24/7
  • More than 800 computers in three huge computer rooms
  • A game room
  • A food truck and a cafeteria
  • An auditorium
  • Modular spaces to accommodate large events
  • Art 42, an urban art museum
  • More than 20 student associations to join

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