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Innovation Academy is an innovative education institution established by the government under the aim of nurturing software talents. Anyone can grow into a software talent at Innovation Academy, even without prior experience in coding. It is difficult to learn software development properly in a grade-centered education environment. We, Innovation Academy, nurtures world-class developers through its innovative education courses. 42 Seoul is the first project of Innovation Academy 42 Seoul is the first campus in Asia to adopt the innovative 42 education system, which is known to have no professor, textbook, or tuition. It is a project-based, self-motivated peer learning system and encourages students to carry out projects by themselves or in cooperation with their peers. By way of gamification, Education system of 42 Seoul enables students to gradually implement projects of higher levels in various areas. It allows students to participate in internships while taking the courses. Basic project is mainly focused on Unix development environment in using C programming language. After completing the basic projects, students learn by implementing various projects with the most appropriate programming languages for the projects, such as Java, Swift, C++, and etc. Innovation Academy builds an innovative education system. We build a measurable software education system. We are going to open source all the data and the system itself for sustainable innovation in software education. Innovation Academy supports the ecosystem for developers. We provide a venue where companies and software talents can communicate with one another. It also supports the creation of a sound ecosystem in which talented software developers can make their dreams come true.

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Address :
416, Gaepo-ro
The republic of Korea

Website : 42seoul.kr/

Campus life

  • Open 24/7, 365 days a year
  • World’s fastest internet
  • Over 400 workstations
  • Access to a YouTube studios, a library, meeting rooms
  • Access to shower booths, nap rooms
  • Education subvention of KRW 1 million per month

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