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In 2021, 42 Wolfsburg opened its doors in the historic Markthalle, embracing a mission to empower learners in pursuing successful IT careers and responsible, entrepreneurial lives. Our approach is rooted in community principles that emphasise radical inclusion, collaborative participation, using tech for good, and fostering a sense of shared responsibility.

Located in Wolfsburg, a city renowned for its innovative and technological culture, 42 Wolfsburg offers the ideal environment for studying software engineering. Our students benefit from access to industry partners and mentors, as well as opportunities for internships and projects with leading industry players. Our campus goes beyond being an educational space; it's home to a diverse community of over 450+ learners, aged 18-60, who collaborate, support, and grow together.

At 42 Wolfsburg, we believe in the power of our community. We emphasise a collaborative spirit through social events like parties, movie nights, cookouts, and travel adventures, fostering lifelong friendships and professional connections. As part of the 42 Network, 42 Wolfsburg promotes student autonomy and study ownership. We value our partner companies' support and expect students to uphold our values, contributing to a community focused on shared success, freedom of expression, and next-generation education.

Check out our documentary film To go further and watch our documentary, feel free to click the YouTube icon in the section below! Check out our documentary film on YouTube: Coding Education at 42 Wolfsburg: Our Full Documentary Film (2022)

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Address :
Porschestraße 2c
D-38440 Wolfsburg

Website : 42wolfsburg.de/

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Campus life

  • 42 Wolfsburg's LearningSpaceShip accommodates up to 600 students
  • Wolfsburg offers a nature-rich environment, historical sites, shopping, museums, affordable housing, walkable attractions, and proximity to Berlin, Hannover, and Hamburg (2 hours by train)
  • Our Relocation Office assists with visa inquiries, finding housing in Wolfsburg, and supports your relocation to Germany
  • On-campus amenities include board games and gaming areas, two kitchens, a library, a lounge, an event space, and rest pods.
  • Regular social events feature learning opportunities with academic and industry experts, alongside hackathons and partner company visits

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