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Armenia is rapidly becoming one of the region’s leading technological hubs. Combining the legacy of the USSR’s traditional technology institutes, higher tech education with modern trends and new initiatives, young people have begun to realize their intellectual potential by creating competitive startups and in-demand products and services. According to several studies, the most popular, sought after professions in 2019 were programmers. However, labor market opportunities do not meet the growth rates of this economic sector. The industry needs high-quality programmers, engineers and other technology professionals. That is why the emergence of 42 in Armenia can significantly fill this gap in the labor market. 42 Yerevan plans to provide Armenia with 150 super-programmers per year, with several assuredly taking the initiative to create startups in a now favorable, tech-friendly climate. As part of the EU TUMO Convergence Center for Engineering and Applied Sciences, 42 Yerevan also strives to promote cooperation between companies and educational institutions in the technology field. And with its revolutionary educational program, 42 aims to inspire and stimulate other educational institutions throughout the country. Being part of the Network 42 means being part of a large community that has taken over the world. 42 Yerevan expects to take the best from 42 and the tech world and share its ideas and innovations across the globe. 42 Yerevan is looking forward to beginning an active phase of its educational activities and kicking off a revolution in Armenia's technology sector.

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Address :
16 Halabyan St
Yerevan 0038

Website : 42yerevan.am

Campus life

  • Located at TUMO Center for Creative Technologies
  • Open 24/7
  • 150 workstations
  • Recreation facilities
  • Easy access to Tumanyan Park

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